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07 May 2008

Penguins/Flyers Matchup

This is a very intricate breakdown of the matchup (if you like gambling):


Offense: With the top two lines of the Penguins being centered by Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, I don't believe that any team in the playoffs have a 1-2 punch as skilled as the Penguins. The Flyers have a couple guys that are playing hot right now in RJ Umberger and Daniel Briere, but they will not be enough to overcome the Pens' high flying offense.

Advantage: Penguins

I look at the defenses on both these teams and I see alot of strengths. I also see alot of weaknesses. How each team overcomes their weaknesses will determine the series.

Advantage: Even

Special Teams:
I see a significant difference in skill level in this field. I feel the level of competition in the second round displayed this difference. The Flyers may have a slightly higher power-play percentage, however, they faced a goaltender that was letting in one or two extremely soft goals in each game. The Pens faced the #1 defense in the East this season and were very successful on the power-play. I believe that the numbers do not display the talent and the Penguins will prevail on special teams.


I believe both goaltenders are playing extremely well right now. I believe both goaltenders didn't face a great offense in the last round purely because the defense played that well.


I believe both coaches have about the same level of experience at this point in time. How they handle the aggressiveness as the series goes on will be significant.


Prediction: Penguins in Six


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