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18 May 2008

The Penguins Are In!

Found this on Pens Blog !

You have to listen to this!
Our favorite Mike Lange!

Well, I needn't say much here, but a 6-0 win is a statement. Everyone contributed. We played practically perfect on both ends of the ice. Fleury was brilliant in making some big saves towards the end to bury any hope of a Flyer comeback. We looked incredible and had all four lines rolling. We smothered them with potent defense and stifling offense. The Stanley Cup Finals await us and as we all know, we are 2-0 in that situation.

I believe coaching has been the key to our playoff run so far. As much as I bashed Michel Therrian during the season, I apparently was wrong. No team in the East had a chance. We started each playoff series 3-0 and beat some decent teams. We are tops in the league in almost every category. I am really looking forward to seeing how we respond in the finals. We are so young to be accomplishing this feat. We won the East in a Eastern Conference record-setting pace of 14 games. So far as I can tell, the Edmonton Oilers are the only team to achieve the same standard and they did it a couple times. So the comparisons continue between the Oilers and the Penguins.

March Of The Penguins

The Penguins have dominated their 2008 playoff opponents, especially at home. Pittsburgh has now won eight straight postseason games at The Igloo, the first team in 13 years to ride such a streak into the Stanley Cup finals. Only four other teams have done so.

Year Team
2008 Penguins
1995 Red Wings
1993 Canadiens
1990 Bruins
1988 Oilers

Here are some stats for you to admire:

Team Statistics | Individual Points | Goalie Stats

Doesn't this say enough?!

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