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07 May 2008


I believe this was a very good draft for this year. I like the fact we picked up a big running back in Mendenhall as well as a tall receiver in Sweed. I know alot of people are complaining that we needed lineman. I feel that for this season, we will be alright with who we have. I believe that next year we may run into problems, but that is a whole season away. We will worry about that next year. I think that the schedule that we have this year demands some quick fixes. I think we accomplished just that. I believe in our system.


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  1. The Steelers first 2 picks were strong and good choices. Neither of them were reaches. If they'd have passed up Mendenhall to choose a lineman that was slated to go in the 2nd Round that would've been bad drafting. Sweed was a strong pick as well. While the O-Line needs help, our WR corpse isn't as strong as people thing. Ward is getting older and spending more time nursing injuries. You have Holmes, good receiver who's injured at some point during the season and then nothing.

    Dixon was a crappy pick IMO. People will suggest that Batch isn't getting younger and we needed to groom a backup. You can pick backup QB's in Free Agency on the cheap. Wasted pick IMO.

    Overall I thought it would be a worse draft than it was. There's a lot of promise with what we got. The depth at O-Line is worrisome as well as the depth at D-Line. Both of those positions require a year or more in grooming and developing a player and we have none really worth grooming as is and nobody on the horizon.