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19 May 2008

Bring On Detroit!

My views on the Stanley Cup Finals...

I believe that one aspect of our game will wear the Redwings down severely is our size. Every opponent that the Redwings have faced have been ranked in the bottom 7 of the NHL.Every opponent that the Pens have faced are in the top 19 of the league with Ottawa and NYR ranked 6th and 11th respectively. We are ranked 5th. I think this in combination with our speed makes it hard to play against us. We were tasked in every series to bottle up at least one, possibly two scoring lines. We were extremely successful. Those players that were supposed to remain silent disappeared accordingly in their respective series. I feel the Redwings will have to depend on solid goaltending because we will get behind the aging defense a couple times as well as secondary scoring due to our defensemen not being as experienced in this situation. The critics and commentators can't tell us anything about our opponent that we haven't heard from series to series. I consider this a very even matchup as far as defense is concerned. I believe experience can overcome the age factor in certain situations. I also believe that age factor can overcome experience in offensive situations though. If you look purely at stats and remove the two non-factor series (Detroit-Colorado and Pittsburgh-Ottawa), the Pens should completely dominate the Redwings. I also believe that our inexperience in this certain situation could benefit us as well in the ways of being naive. I think that if we are naive enough, we won't think too hard about what is going on. I think we will surprise the Redwings with our talent. I think we will surprise the Redwings with out resolve. I think we will surprise the Redwings with our energy.
I believe the Penguins will win the Stanley Cup in six games.

Let's Go Pens!

Oh, And one more thing... I would like to say that we recently won a world championship in that city recently...what was it?
Oh, yeah..the Superbowl!


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